HTC Tablet Leak - 1 - main

A mysterious HTC tablet has shown up online that looks like the company is about to jump back into the fight.

It has been a while since we;ve seen HTC launch a new tablet, but if newly leaked images are anything to go by, it looks like the Taiwanese company is ready to get back in the fight. The images were posted by evleaks on Twitter and appear to come from some sort of promotional video. What we can glean from the images is that it is crazy thin, and while it does have both front and rear cameras, they have have been moved to a rather large bottom chin on the device. While the bezel along the sides and top are fairly svelte, it does have an oddly large bottom one.

As AndroidCentral noted, and we have to agree, it looks an awful lot like an iMac, but no, we aren’t saying that with the thoughts Apple will sue. It is simply the best analogy.

No word on what this tablet may be called or any sort of release info. With IFA 2012 currently kicking off in Berlin there is a chance we’ll hear something this week, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

[via AndroidCentral, source evleaks]