Apparently time travel is real as someone has jumped to the future and brought back the BlackBerry our grandchildren will be carrying. MaxPDA today posted images of what they are calling the “BlackBerry 9980.”  While it keeps some of the familiar tropes we’ve grown accustomed to with the RIM phones, it also puts a new twist on each and every one of them.

You can see a sampling of the images of the phone below, and you will find a generous helping more at the MaxPDA site, but where do you even begin discussing the changes in this device?  We have no clue what the internal specs are, but you can clearly see the keyboard and navigational keys have undergone a massive overhaul, not to mention the overall frame.  It is amazing how much this looks like the BlackBerry form we’ve all grown to know over the years while also looking completely different.

While the BlackBerry 9980 number certainly implies it will follow in the steps of the massively popular BlackBerry 9900, we have no clue if that model number is official.  I’m particularly curious about the word “Proceeding” being stamped across the top.  Is this a potential device name?  Perhaps an internal marker for stating which stage of development it is?  Who knows.

There is also every chance that this is a concept model never meant for public consumption.  Car companies do this on a regular basis, and have done so for decades, so there’s no reason to believe that phone companies couldn’t be doing it as well.  And, on the other hand, there is always a chance that this is a complete fake.  “Kit bashing” as it is known in the world of model makers and toy collectors is where you take parts from various existing items and make it into something unique.  This would potentially be a lot more difficult with a phone, but not impossible.

Whatever it is, it is certainly a fun thing to speculate about over the weekend.

[via CrackBerry, source BlackBerry]

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