Myst TV show? Why not?

Hulu has picked up Myst, a drama based on the PC game from the 90s that featured tons of mystery (get it!?), pointing, clicking, looking at stuff, that weird observatory thing that I couldn't figure out until I went back to the game years later and that area that kind looked like the forest moon of Endor.

The show comes from Legendary Television, the TV side of the production studio, and it features The Amazing Spider-Man Producer Matt Tolmach and Divergent Writer Evan Daugherty.

Deadline has it that the show will explore the origins of the island in the game through elements of science fiction and fantasy. Personally, my first thoughts about comparable shows with similar settings and tone land on LOSTLOST had a very Myst feel during its run, though it was a group experience one rather than the solo affair we had in the game.

An island that moves from abandoned to holding one of the greatest mysteries ever? Sounds like Myst and LOST to me.

So, what do you think, will you dig into a Myst series once it lands on Hulu?