Many of you have been either watching my video reviews or reading my articles for quite a while now, and if not, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that I love tech. Shiny gadgets are my weakness, in fact my wife has those “Wanted” posters in every electronics store in town, and probably in most within a 100 mile radius. I think she has gone as far as parental blocking all the technology shopping sites from my computer.

Amazing as it may sound there are some things I just can’t stand about tech,and, in particular, cell phones. There are just some things that go along with cell phone usage that makes me want to grab people’s cell phones and stomp on them mercilessly. So here I will outline my top four cell phone annoyances. Some will also be on your list and some won’t.

The first is probably a common annoyance these days but it just grinds my gears: when people text or use their handset while driving. Besides the fact that they are both against the law in the State of California, most of these culprits can’t drive when their attention is fully focused on the road let alone when multitasking with their cell phone. Stop texting driving-cellphoneand driving, and at the minimum use a handsfree device while making phone calls in the car. Oh,, and you can lump putting on makeup or reading the paper while driving and on the phone here also.

I love sports and the only thing better than watching sports alone and in peace, is having your buddy over to talk sports during the game. On the other hand do you really need to check the stats or see where the pitchtrak is saying the pitch was when we have a 50” HD plasma right in front of us? Put the darn phone down and just watch the game for the love of male bonding. Let’s enjoy the game and when we have no game to watch we can comb through stats galore.

The “I-can’t-figure-out-how-to fully charge-my-phone” guy, who at the next picnic spends half the time in the car charging his phone, then gets annoyed because everyone else is having a good time. Charge you phone overnight, charge it in the car on the way to the party, buy an external battery, buy a phone with better battery life, or just leave the phone in the car and socialize with your friends. I don’t care, just stop obsessing that you only have mere minutes left before your phone goes dead.

This last one is by far the least of the issues, yet frankly my biggest annoyance: spouses who neglect to answer their phones on a consistent basis. Personally, when I call my wife it typically has a specific purpose and not just to chit chat. Phones are for communication in some form or fashion, and if your not going to answer at least text me and let me know why. I love my wife with all my heart but she has about a 15 percent answer rate on her cell phone and it drives me nuts.

If people would just eliminate these four annoyances I think I would be a much more laid back person when it comes to loving my tech on a higher level, and frankly, eliminate a bit of rage at times.

What are you top tech annoyances? I know there are others that I have not covered that just grind your gears, let me know in the comments below.