Figure 1

Macworld promises many new items, but what was the one to grab my attention?

The month of January is jam packed with industry shows and conventions, CES at the beginning of the month,and Macworld at the end. Honestly, after last year’s less than pathetic Macworld I found myself wondering why I was driving to the Bay Area in extremely dense fog. I didn’t have high hopes, but felt an obligation to the viewers and readers to scope out the show floor and find some good stuff.

Ironically enough I discovered my personal best of show within fifteen minutes of walking through the door. The company, Vogel’s, is based in the Netherlands and has been designing home theater mounting solutions for over thirty-seven years, so it’s no surprise they ventured into the iPad mounting market. Vogel’s offers a number of solutions to choose from, and they all revolve around the base iPad case with a ring or hole in the back. My personal favorite is the car mount solution, but let’s take them one at a time.

As mentioned above, all the systems integrate with a polycarbonate matte case or shell as seen in Figure 1. The case can be put on the back of the iPad which allows you to actually use the iPad or can be snapped on the front for screen protection during transport.  As you will also see in the photo, there is the wall mount that simply screws to the wall and the “stub” clips into the ring on the back of the case providing a 360 degree swivel. A table stand can also be purchased which will give the user the ability to stand an iPad in either portrait or landscape mode. There is also a Flip Stand available that turns the outer shell into a folio style case where a round tab clicks into the “ring” thus propping the iPad at an ideal typing angle.

Now all this is fine and dandy, but you are probably asking what makes this so great that it gets your best of show? The car mount alone would be worthy of this “award” as there are few feasible automobile solutions for the iPad. The car mount is simply installed around the two headrest posts with a two piece system. The section without the round mount has a single post that locks into the main section which holds the iPad. After the iPad is installed it can be tilted up and down for the desired angle.

The system ranges in pricing and will be available in the United States in Mar. 2011 with the following tentative pricing structure:
Holder(case) and Wall mount $69.99
Holder(case), Wall Mount, and Table Stand $79
Holder(case), Wall Mount, and Flip Stand (folio) $89
Car Mount and Holder (case) $99 Holder(case), Wall Mount, Table Stand, Flip Stand and Car Mount $119

This entire system, the car mounting portion in particular, is solid construction, very mac-centric and matches nicely with the iPad.

The iPad and other tablet solutions are beginning to replace DVD players for in car entertainment systems, but the problem is there are few safe solutions to mount the iPad. If I am mounting an iPad in front of one of my children I have to be absolutely confident that in the event of an accident, it will stay put and not become a projectile. The Ringo system from Vogel’s is one of those systems. I have acquired a holder and car mounting system for review and so far I’m pretty impressed. I will be bring you the review in the near future.

Have you swapped out your in car DVD player in favor of a tablet which holds tons of movies without the need to bring along DVD’s? What types of innovative mounting solutions would you implement? Let me know in the comments below.