Starting today I will post about my musing with the iPad. Every couple of days, I will make a new entry. The purpose of this series is to give those of you that don’t yet have an iPad insight into what life would be like with one, and to give those of you that do have an iPad new ideas on how you can be using your new toy! On a more personal level, I’m on a quest to answer the question “Will the iPad improve my life?” Let’s get on with Day 1…



I awoke today a bit later than usual, since hey — it’s a Sunday, and Easter at that. Usually the first thing I do in the morning, after I take a trip to the bathroom, is check my email. Usually I get a preview on my cell phone (sometimes while in bed), but often I head straight into the office and sit down at my desktop. But today, I sat on the couch and turned on my iPad. The iPad is meant to be left on all the time (with the screen off when not in use), so, like an iPhone, the device went on instantly. Nice.

I took a look at the battery level. I had went to bed with it at 42% (after having used the device for six hours yesterday), and in the morning, it was still at 42%! This proved my theory that the iPad has fantastic battery life when in standby.


Speaking of last night, I was sure to clean the screen of the iPad before bed with a soft t-shirt (which was easy since glass cleans up well). I had to do this because after a full day of use, the device was absolutely covered in fingerprints and grease. I think that Apple may have an issue with the oleophobic coating on the screen…perhaps it doesn’t exist. I’ve done an informal poll on Twitter to find out if other iPad owners are having this issue, and many are.

Anyhow, after an email check and finding there to be nothing of importance, I stayed on the couch and went into Safari. I visited a couple of my favorite tech sites to see if there was any big news about the iPad (perhaps that Apple had recalled all iPads sold yesterday because of the fingerprinty screen problem). I was reminded how fantastic the internet experience is on the iPad…magical, maybe not, but super fast and smooth…yes! After that, I went in to the office to get some other work done.


Lunch time! I find that any time I eat by myself, I tend to read something or use my phone to catch up on Twitter, read email, or browse the web. I’ve been looking forward to the iPad as a multi-purpose lunch time companion.

So I sat down next to the iPad, sandwhich ready to be eaten, and found that with the iPad flat on the table, I couldn’t see the screen very well. I have the case on order from Apple, which has a way to prop up the iPad for proper viewing, but that didn’t help me at lunch today. So, using the “chin” on my HTC Legend, I propped up the iPad.

With one hand, I fed myself the sandwich, and with my other land, I navigated the iPad. I started in the App store to see if there were any cool new apps. After seeing that there weren’t many added since yesterday, I searched for the official Wikipedia iPad app, hoping to learn a few things during my lunch break by reading some random articles. Nothing came up, except for some unofficial Wikipedia viewers.


So, I launched the Kindle App, tapped on the colorful cover of a book I bought several months ago, and began to flip through. I noticed that all of my bookmarks and highlights had remained intact from when I first read the book. I also noticed that tapping and holding on text in the Kindle app lets you manually highlight. Very nice! I tend to make notes when I read books, and the touchscreen on the iPad makes highlighting super easy. Sadly, the Kindle app doesn’t have animations as slick as the iBooks app, but it’s good enough.



At this point in the day, I began to get a bit bored. My email inbox was still quiet, the tech news was limited, and overall, there wasn’t much to do (I don’t celebrate Easter so there were no family activities to attend). So I went to my music keyboard, turned on my iPad, and searched the YouTube app for “Piano Lessons.” Believe or not, there are a ton of fantastic piano lessons on YouTube for all skill levels. Anyhow, it was difficult to get the iPad propped up just right so that I could sit at the keyboard bench and have a good viewing angle. Again I wish I had the case. So I went into the living room, grabbed a Wii controller (which has that rubbery case), and used that to position the iPad. Perfect. And thanks to a much-louder-than-iPhone speaker, I was able to hear the instructor in the video, even over my own playing.

End of Day 1

At the end of day 1 I had about 17% battery life remaining. In my estimation, that’s after using the iPad for a solid 9-10 hours. Doing some math, that means that the device could well exceed the advertised 10 hours of battery life. But, I did not charge the battery at the end of day one, as I wanted to draw it down to zero on Day 2 so that I can properly condition the battery.

And that was Day 1. Today didn’t answer my question “Will the iPad improve my life” because I really didn’t get much done. Tomorrow and Tuesday I shall put it to use with some real work. More soon!