Apple has made it clear they don’t want any products being replaced by the iPad; it’s a whole new category of device.  While there have been reports that iPad sales have take a toll on netbooks, MacBooks, and iPod Touches, not much has been said for the apps that power the device. For me, and probably many others, the iPad has resulted in iPhone neglect.

When the iPad came along, it became the place where I’d use nearly all of my iPhone apps.  Sure there are a few that I only use if I don’t have my iPad handy, but if I’ve got the choice between iPhone and iPad I’ll always choose the latter.  Apps like Engadget and Facebook, which are essentially optimized versions of the websites have been replaced by Safari, opting for the A+ web experience on the iPad.  Tweetie is now what I’d consider my second Twitter client behind Twitteriffic for iPad.appupdates

I’m usually a stickler when it comes to the iPhone badges, clearing them out as soon as I notice them.  Maybe it’s some form of OCD but I like a clean, stock looking iPhone – it’s the same thing that keeps me from moving my first screen of icons away.  The iPad has become a distraction to the iPhone, pulling my attention away from every detail behind the iPhone.  I’ve got 9 apps on my iPhone waiting to be updated, a number that easily crossed double digits twice since the iPad launch.

Since the beginning of April, I’ve downloaded a measly 3 iPhone apps.  Opera Mini which works great over Edge speeds, Dropbox, and the Scrabble Tile Rack.  Those last two apps both stemmed from iPad downloads.  It seems my iPad is the only real incentive to download iPhone apps, not an outcome I was expecting.  For the most part, it seems like I’m not even searching for iPhone apps.  Besides the three apps mentioned above, I’m not sure when I last browsed the iPhone App Store.

I know I can’t be the only one who’s suffered these results.  There’s got to be others who ignore their iPhone apps, even if they’re being used on the iPad.  Is anyone else in a similar situation? Have you suffered the exact opposite outcome?  Share your experience below.