Many people like Jon Rettinger have iPads and feel that applications are what make a device "yours".  There are just so many applications out there and often it can be very hard to choose them.  In the words of Rettinger, "There are so many fantastic iPad apps out there, it's next to impossible to know about each one. I thought it would be fun if we could start a dialog about which apps you like the most, so we can all learn about a few that have gone under our radar."

Obviously, he could go completely into deep details as to why he likes each of them however he decided to save some of his favorites to share with you fine TechnoBuffalo viewers and readers.  Clearly you should always remember the usefulness of an application only relies on how you incorporate them in your life so only download the applications if you see a use in them.  This video is a mere guideline and feature and may not appeal to all readers.

What are your favorite iPad applications?  We welcome you to sound off in the comment section below.  Do you agree with Jon's picks?  Again, leave a comment!