I don’t consider myself a serious or hardcore gamer by any means. I think the last game I was truly addicted to was Ultima Online. I couldn’t stop playing that game, and I still wish there were more MMORPGs with more lawlessness in them. That should give you a good taste of how long it’s been since I’ve really been consumed by a great game, and I recently fell in love with Far Cry 4. Then my brother ruined it, but I’ll discuss that in a second.

I’m not sure why Far Cry 4 grabbed my attention the way it did — it was definitely partially Joey’s review that had me attracted to it. Once I started playing, I found that some of it was pretty engrossing but, at times, repetitive; at least if you’re trying to overtake every outpost and radio tower. Once I realized I didn’t necessarily need to do that to progress, though, I started just following the storyline and had a ton of fun completing the story the game threw at me. Within about two weeks or so, playing most nights after work, I had finished the storyline completely and then worked on finishing some of the side quests.

I overtook all of the outposts, mostly by creeping in the bushes and knocking out the bad guys at range with a high-powered sniper rifle. Then I cheated a little bit and used the buzzer to sneak into the radio towers and deactivate all of the broadcasts. It worked for some, and it was easier than climbing up the whole thing.

By last Thursday night, I was finishing some of the side quests that are available at each outpost, mostly working on the assassinations and some of the hunting expeditions. I had aspirations to finally take on some of those killer honey badgers, but that’s all in the past.

I had a ski trip up to Vermont over the weekend, and my twin brother had free reign of my apartment, so he decided to play some Far Cry 4.

He decided to start a new game.

That new game totally overwrote all of my progress — everything. I had no idea it would have that effect; I was a PC gamer for years (Ultima Online, remember?) and assumed there were going to be dozens of save files I could restore from. There isn’t.

I searched around and found out that PlayStation Plus automatically stores backups online. My earliest backup was from two weeks ago — before I had even started playing. The latest was from Friday night, when my brother started playing the game, and it saved about an hour into the campaign. I’m left with nothing.

I learned a few things from this experience. First: take the keys back from my brother. Second: I need to create additional user accounts on my PlayStation 4. And third: don’t always rely on the cloud storage backups, because they might be out of date.

I probably won’t go back to Far Cry 4. I really don’t want to go through the game again, and there are dozens of other games I can’t wait to try out. Dragon Age: Inquisition is currently downloading but, before I get started, I’m going to create a guest account.

Have you had a similar experience? Share with me so I feel better.