TechnoBuffalo - MWC 2012 - Sign - Over

All good things must come to an end. Alas, the final bell has tolled throughout the Fira in Barcelona alerting us that the world’s largest annual mobile trade show has come to an end. That gives me a chance, now, to sit here and enjoy an espresso as the sun sets over the city and recap with you the biggest announcements of the show and bring you my final thoughts. I’ve already discussed my five favorite phones that were announced during the show, so instead we’ll focus on the trends that those devices will usher in in the coming months and throughout the next year.

Quad-core devices were among the bigger announcements that were made during the past several days, but it still remains unclear exactly how those devices will improve over what dual-core devices already offer. There’s extra power, sure, but how will that change for consumers? I’m hoping to sit down with NVIDIA early next week to discuss how Tegra 3 will change gaming, when we can expect full LTE support with Tegra 3 and more. Power isn’t everything without software to back up what those processors will offer. It’s time now for developers to create apps that take advantage of four cores. Companies like Motorola and Asus will perhaps begin to use that technology to create even more powerful laptop and tablet-like accessories for phones, which will begin a new phase in technology where our phones double more and more as full-out computing devices.

I’m a bit bummed that Samsung didn’t have a larger presence at this year show. The company did have a huge booth but didn’t hold a press conference and only unveiled a few devices. The good news is that we have the Galaxy S III announcement to look forward to.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available, too, which means consumers will now finally have a chance to see what the Redmond-based company has been working on since the launch of Windows 7 a few years ago. Windows 8 will no doubt continue to blend the operating system experience on both mobile and the desktop.

I still remain super excited about Nokia’s prospects as it fights to regain lost market share. The company announced a low-power Windows Phone (the Lumia 610) that will help it continue to maintain a strong presence in entry level markets, and several new exclusive Windows Phone applications that will be available for many of its higher-end Windows Phones. The Lumia 900 remains its flagship powerhouse, especially now that it will launch in international markets, and I’m now more excited than ever for its launch on AT&T, which is expected next month.

I’ve yet again learned during MWC that news never sleeps. Next week we’ll be covering all of the auto tech from the Geneva Auto Show and Apple will unveil its iPad 3 in San Francisco. We’ll again pack up all of our gear and bring you the best coverage possible. For now, I’m going to try to find some paella and prepare for my flight home to New York City early tomorrow morning. Thanks for joining!