Square Enix Europe has a slick new title in Murdered: Soul Suspect, which gamers have to use their phantom existence to solve their own murder. Sounds quite a bit like this groovy gem, but with a much more serious and noir-like tone to its approach.

Not only that, but they somehow secured the domain name murdered.com as their game's official homepage. I wonder how they stumbled across that one not in use. Facebook and Twitter pages have also been opened.

Beyond that, not much is yet known about the game besides a single teaser image, and it getting a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC launch sometime in 2014, well after the next generation consoles are expected to land.

Murdered Soul Suspect

I have to hand it to Square Enix Europe. They have been so consistent in pushing out and announcing quality games since they were bought out by the Japanese video game giant. Nowadays, it seems like they practically carry the entire weight of Square Enix's empire on their shoulders while the Japanese side of the company enjoys coloring books and not making fun games.

Now they are announcing a new IP to be released after the finish line has already been crossed. I haven't been in Square Enix's ballpark since the 2002 merger, but if this new European makeover was the shift they were looking for then consider me back on board.

Now if only they'd put out a decent Japanese RPG in the near future.