The iPad’s been out for a little over two days now and we’re already seeing a huge emphasis on gaming. Many of the best selling and top grossing apps belong in the gaming category and I’m confident that’s not going to change.  While we may see cross compatibility between the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch, one big difference between the two will be a push for multiplayer interaction.

Flight Simulator HD, the popular air traffic control game on the iPhone and iPod Touch has come the iPad in all its addicting glory.  You can control the sky by your lonesome, with a teammate, or go head-to-head in a micromanaging battle.  As simple as the game is, there’s something about playing together on the same screen that can’t be touched through ad hoc networking supported over multiple devices.


Scrabble has already released an app for the iPad that acts as a game board you can pass around or a stationary board allowing players to download an app on their iPhone or iPod touch that acts as that player’s tile shelf. Players flick the tiles up on their iPhone/iPod Touch to spell the word and it’ll appear on the iPad game board.  Looks like they found a way to make Scrabble fun for at least a few minutes.

As developers begin to realize the potential of more players using a single device, the games are sure to become more compelling.  Perhaps we’ll see an app that’ll get four people crowded around an iPad with some fast, crazy multitouch action.  Until then, Flight Simulator HD is the go-to app for fun, addicting, and simple multiplayer gameplay that’s worth the $4.99 price tag.