The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is finally ready to move on from the MetroCard to something much more convenient.

If you watched Secretary Hillary Clinton (or even the hilarious SNL spin-off) try to use the NYC subway recently, you know the MetroCard can be a real pain in the tush. One day it’ll swipe just fine, and the next you’ll need to swipe 5 times just to get a read on the darn thing.


That will all soon be a thing of the past. ABC7NY said recently that the MTA is gearing up to replace the MetroCard systems with smart card or mobile readers by 2018. Other systems in the local New York City area are already on that kind of platform. The New Jersey PATH system, for example, allows tap-and-go fares with a smart card.

Not familiar with the MetroCard? Here’s what it looks like, and click through the gallery to the old option… tokens.

ABC7NY said the MTA plans to spend $419 million through 2019 to get the MetroCard readers replaced and that it plans to begin testing on bus services. Good riddance to the MetroCard, I say.