At Computex 2017 in Taipei today, MSI unveiled its new Infinite A gaming PC, aimed at those who enjoy silence. The machine delivers high-end performance for playing the latest titles, plus special cooling technology that prevents it from becoming too loud under heavy load.

Infinite A's primary focus is to give gamers "infinite possibilities to play the way they want," MSI says. The machine's cool and colorful case, which features LED lights arranged into a fancy pattern on its front and a transparent window on its side, offers plenty of space for multiple graphics cards, ample storage, and other upgrades.

But you probably won't need to worry about upgrading Infinite A for quite some time. MSI is yet to provide us with all the juicy details, but we know the machine will be available with Intel's latest Core i7 processor and MSI GAMING graphics cards. It will also offer MSI's own Silent Storm Cooling system, which you won't find elsewhere.

This keeps your system cool while playing the most demanding games, meanwhile ensuring it doesn't get too loud. It's perfect for those who like their desktop PCs to be quiet for everything from word processing to hardcore gaming sessions.

We'll have to wait for further information on Infinite A configurations, prices, and release dates. For now, all we can do is drool at the images and teaser trailer above.