What if hackers were successful at breaking into all the highly-secure systems our modern lives depend on? What if they really took them down? Most hacker stories seem to stop at the success. Mr. Robot has shown that it’s more interested in the aftermath. If those hackers really broke in, what would happen to our world economy, to our daily lives? It’s made for a compelling, tense two seasons of television. The third season is coming up this fall, and the latest trailer gives us an idea of what to expect.

Season 2 ended rather suddenly, and we pick up right after that, with Elliot’s adversary (and Mr. Robot’s partner-in-crime) Tyrell Wellick trying to explain why he put a round in Elliot’s chest. Angela’s there, too, telling us E-Corp is on the way out, even as its CEO explains that world catastrophes only happen because powerful men like him let them. Elliot’s sister, Darlene, though, says the Dark Army – the Chinese hacker group that helped the team pull off its hack in the first season – has “turned.”

The second season took a while to get going and featured a big twist partway through the season, much as the first one did. I’m hoping the third season isn’t quite so dependent on the one “whoa” moment and can instead focus on its strong writing and great actors to tell the interesting story they’ve been working at. I’m curious to see where the characters we know end up, and perhaps even more curious to see how new cast member Bobby Carnivale’s character, a used car salesman, is going to factor into the story.

Mr. Robot season 3 premieres on USA on October 11, 2017.