If you live in Europe, you’ll be all too familiar with those pesky banners that pop up to tell you about cookies when you’re browsing the web. They are required by law, but thanks to Mr. Crumble for iOS, you can now eliminate them in Safari.

The EU has made in mandatory for websites that use cookies to notify visitors in the EU of this when they first land on their site. On mobile, these banners can be particularly annoying because they take up precious screen space, and the buttons to hide them are small and hard to hit.


But with Mr. Crumble, a new content blocker for iOS 9, you can prevent those cookie banners from appearing altogether while you browse the web in Safari. The app is free to download, and once activated, it works in the background and you never have to worry about it.

Simply download Mr. Crumble from the App Store, then head into the Settings app, tap “Safari,” then select “Content Blockers.” Now tap the toggle alongside Mr. Crumble to turn it on, and you’ll never have to dismiss a cookie banner again.