Mozilla on Wednesday detailed a new mobile payment system coming to its Firefox OS through a brand new JavaScript API. The upcoming service will make it simple for merchants and customers to participate in transactions through the Web—credit cards and even monthly recurring plans apply. According to Mozilla, the new initiative, navigator.mozPay(), is based on Google Wallet's API, but modified to allow for carrier billing and multiple payment options.

Once the service does go live, a secure payment window will appear in which a password will be required. Once you enter the correct credentials, the payment will get processed, simple as that. Mozilla says its service is a good alternative to competitors such as PayPal because it's better integrated into Web devices. "Mozilla wants to introduce a common Web API to make payments easy and secure on Web devices, yet still as flexible as the checkout button for merchants," said Mozilla's Kumar McMillan.

McMillan also outlines Mozilla's commitment to enable paid, ad-free Web content. "The Web should support businesses of all kinds and payments should be a first class feature of the Web," he said. In the future, plans are being hashed out to work with others in the industry for a standardized API through the W3C, though Mozilla's solution is built in a way that makes receiving payments a bit cumbersome.

Mozilla's API isn't yet live, and McMillan stressed that things could change before merchants and developers have access. Once it is available, however, the solution will make it easier for Web transactions—purchasing premium games and other content, for example—as opposed to other solutions in the company's Firefox OS.