Firefox - Windows 8

Mozilla will finally get around to launching a version of its Firefox web browser for Windows 8 over a year after Microsoft released the desktop OS. The news comes in the form of notes from a meeting held by Mozilla earlier this week that describe a "Metro-ized" version of Firefox 26 designed to work with Metro UI's live tiles and touch-screen software.

In all fairness, Mozilla has been fairly busy lately launching its own mobile operating system. The company actually announced it had begun work on a browser for Windows 8 over a year ago, releasing an early preview back in Oct. 2012. At the time, the official release was slated for Jan. 2013, but it's since been pushed back multiple times; until this week the browser was expected to launch this Oct. at the earliest.

Mozilla and Microsoft haven't had the smoothest relationship over the past few years. The open-source company vocally accused Microsoft of blocking outside companies from building browsers for the tablet-based Windows RT OS that could compete with its own mobile version Internet Explorer 10. In the end, however, Microsoft appears to have suffered worse for its decisions, with the Surface RT proving a costly flop for the company.