Mozilla on Tuesday officially unveiled Firefox 13, the latest update to its popular web browser. Firefox 13 features a completely redesigned home page and a new tabbed browsing experience. "The Home Page now includes icons at the bottom of the page to give you easy access to bookmarks, history, settings, add-ons, downloads and sync preferences with one-click shortcuts," Mozilla explained on its blog. "When you open a new tab, you'll see thumbnails of your most recently and frequently visited sites. You can customize the New Tab page by adding or removing thumbnails based on where you go most." Mozilla also said that, when you re-open Firefox 13, the browser will only load the first tab you have open and will load the additional tabs if you click them. That way you're not waiting while your computer tries to load and render several open tabs. Firefox 13 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux now.

[via Mozilla]