Firefox OS on Xperia E

During the D: Dive Into Mobile conference Monday, Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs took the stage for an interview with the editorial staff of AllThingsDDuring the talk, Kovacs said that the company's Firefox OS will launch in five countries in June of this year and in 11 additional countries by the end of the year. The first five countries include Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Poland and Venezuela.

Kovacs said that the focus is on developing devices for emerging markets right now, instead of for developed countries where there's stiff competition to create the best smartphone on the market. We first saw Firefox OS during Mobile World Congress in February and it is an admittedly entry-level operating system. That said, Mozilla will also face steep competition from Android and BlackBerry in developing countries. Firefox OS will eventually land in the United States sometime next year, however.

Kovacs announced last week that he will step down as position of the CEO of Mozilla later this year, but will stay on as a member of the board.