Firefox chromecast

GigaOm reports that Mozilla is working with an unknown partner on a device designed to take on Google's Chromecast. The dongle will allegedly be powered by Firefox OS, giving users the capability to easily stream content from their many devices straight to their TV. The device will presumably also have access to apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and more, pretty much like every other streamer currently available.

As of now, the device is being tested by a small circle of developers, so it doesn't appear to be close to a consumer release. In fact, GigaOm said the project was supposed to be kept under wraps for a few more weeks, but the cat's already been let out of the bag. Important information such as specs, price, release and more isn't known as of yet—even the device's name isn't known. But the product has already been dubbed a Chromecast "killer," so I guess that means we should take it seriously.

What might set the device apart is Mozilla's approach to openness. "The plan is apparently to add casting to Firefox as well as offer developers a casting device that is more open and hackable than Google's Chromecast," GigaOm said. Google has given developers access to its SDK, but there are still restrictions, something that Mozilla's device won't have; there's also a chance the hardware will come with an open boot loader, giving users the freedom to install other software.

It doesn't appear as though the device is very close to being available to consumers, but work is being put in by Mozilla. There are already plenty of excellent streaming products available on the market, leaving very little room for Mozilla to nudge in. Mozilla, unsurprisingly, didn't respond to GigaOm for comment on the alleged gadget.