Mozilla Junior for iPad

If there's one thing the App Store isn't short of, it's third-party web browsers. If for any reason you're not keen on mobile Safari, there are a ton of other solutions to choose from — many of which are really great. However, it is lacking two of the biggest browsers available today: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla is about to throw its hat into the mix, though it won't be with Firefox. Instead, the company has developed a new browser, specifically for the iPad, called 'Junior'.

Junior is a minimalistic, fullscreen browser that does away with traditional tabs and address bars in favor of just two buttons — one on the right-, and one of the left-side of the browser. The one on the left features a back arrow, which, as you'd expect, allows you to cycle back through the pages you've visited.

The button on the right, which sports a plus symbol, is where the action happens. Tap this and you'll be presented with your most recent pages, a list of bookmarks and favorites, and a unified search and address bar. As you begin typing, search suggestions take over your bookmarks right above the keyboard. It looks pretty good, and Mozilla believes this visual style is far more intuitive than traditional browser interfaces.

Whether or not we feel the same way remains to be seen. Personally, I'm a big fan of tabs, and it's hard to imagine an easier way to switch between different pages as you browse. But we'll wait until Junior is available before we cast any real opinion on it.

For me, one of Junior's best features is there ability to create multiple user accounts. This is perfect for those who share one iPad between a family of users. You can create your own profile that includes your own bookmarks, your own settings, your own history, and more.

Junior looks very promising, and it'll be interesting to see how successful it is on the iPad with that new interface. It's not available just yet, but we'll keep an eye on its progress and we'll let you know when it hits the App Store.

What do you think of Junior?

[via The Verge]