MoviePass is making an offer that is going to be hard to pass. The subscription service has dropped its monthly subscription fee to its lowest price yet of $6.95. The deal is only temporary, but it's a significant drop off the standard $9.95 that will net users unlimited visits to the theater.

Movie tickets now cost upwards of $10, often times getting close to $20. Compare that to the $6.95 plan MoviePass is offering and it's almost too good to be true.

In recent weeks, the company has been under fire for its lackadaisical outlook on user privacy. It first came under fire when CEO Mitch Lowe candidly acknowledged the MoviePass app tracks users to and from the theater. He went as far as stating, "We know all about you."

This naturally upset many users, forcing MoviePass restrict the app's location capabilities. Even with the response, the trust between the company and its users was fractured.

If you do end up being swayed by the mightily enticing $6.95 deal, it's best you are aware of some of the practices MoviePass uses. It's a tough proposition to get past, but if you do, it's mightily convenient to have unlimited visits to the theater.