MoviePass went from a renegade startup to an annoyance that pesters former customers. Since its summer of disaster, a large number of customers have cancelled the service. But these same customers are being forced to pay for a service they don’t want.

According to Engadget, multiple customers claim they have been charged without their consent after they cancelling their subscription. MoviePass is sending out emails warning customers that their accounts will be reactivated without their consent unless they opt-out by October 4 at 9 p.m. EDT. The move is being veiled as a positive with MoviePass claiming these customer will be rewarded with unlimited movies like the original plan offered.

However, the unlimited movie plan is still hampered by a select inventory MoviePass forces upon customers, meaning you might not even be able to watch the movie you want to watch.

MoviePass is claiming the account reinstatement is part of a test for a select group of users. Regardless of the reasoning, it’s still annoying and improper for it to be charging former customers. It’s presumably trying to lure in more customers after its distasteful tactics over the summer, but there are better ways to go about it than this.

Word of advice to former MoviePass customers (present company included): Be on the lookout for MoviePass’ email and opt out and be done with the company for good.