Apple's latest and greatest operating system arrived early Wednesday morning in the form of Mountain Lion (10.8). We've downloaded this latest Mac OS and have been dissecting it by feature, so lets get started.


The traditional dock has received an updated look, emulating the appearance of the aluminum metal surface that much of Apple's current hardware line-up sports. The indicator on the dock that used to sport a halo around an open application has a new look with a small white light under the app that looks a bit like a white LED light. We have to admit it is a bit harder to see.

Apple has tried to make accidental deleting of apps from the dock a thing of the past. To get an icon undocked you will now have to pull the icon all the way up to the top of the screen. Not saying this has been a huge issue, but we've seen many new Mac users encounter this hurdle.

Notification Center

Notification Center takes a lot of it's cues from iOS, even borrowing swiping – left to right on a trackpad – to expose the interface. Notification Center takes your calendar, email, game center and other application notifications and conveniently keeps these alerts in one location. You can adjust your notification obtrusiveness level as no alerts, banners or alerts as well how many alerts under System Preferences.

Voice Dictation

Voice Dictation is definitely not Siri, but it will type your notes, emails and even within third-party application (e.g., Microsoft Office). While the results are not 100 percent correct, it is still fairly accurate.

Notes and Reminders

Notes and reminders also takes its cues from iOS and connects through iCloud which will thrill iOS users with how well it integrates with iPhones and iPads.


AirPlay mirror allows you to broadcast your Mac to your HDTV screen instantly through the use of an Apple TV. You can now share web pages and videos with your friends on your TV screen quickly and easily. AirPlay makes your music and other audio available on AirPlay enabled speakers. With AirPlay, lugging around your mac and connecting wires across devices makes those chores archaic.


In Mountain Lion, you can share with greater ease through email, messages, airdrop, Twitter, Flickr, and Vimeo. Twitter integration is plastered through out the OS, including applications. Facebook promises to be integrated as much as Twitter, but users will have to wait until the fall to see it in action. To make sharing easier, Twitter and Facebook contact fields will be added to address books.

We're excited to delve deeper in to Mountain Lion OS 10.8. What are you most excited for in this update?