According to Verizon, if you buy the Motorola Xoom from them tomorrow, the Wi-Fi in the device will work regardless of whether or not you purchase a data plan for the tablet.

Best Buy’s ad for the Xoom indicates the Wi-Fi on the tablet is locked until you purchase at least one month of data service, a sore point for many would-be Xoom owners. What that means is no matter what, you’re going to have to sign up for a data plan before you can use your tablet to surf the web.

Unlike Best Buy, Big Red will not be requiring buyers to pay for a month of service on tablets that are purchased in-store in order to use the Wi-Fi.  According to Verizon representative Albert Aydin,

“If a customer purchases the Xoom off-contract then it does not require an activation or a month to month plan”

Verizon is offering the Xoom for $799 tomorrow(2/24)  off-contract, and $599 with a new two-year agreement with the carrier.

Check out Best Buy’s page on the device below (tiny star at the bottom shows the Wi-Fi lock).