Back in 1983, Apple ran a commercial entitled "1984" that borrowed from George Orwell's famous novel of the same name, and put IBM, AKA "Big Blue", in the place of Big Brother.  This commercial has gone down in advertising history as one of the best ever run during the Superbowl.  Now Motorola is running an ad for its new XOOM tablet that makes a reference to it, but will it really strike a chord with anyone outside of the tech industry?

As advertisements go, this ad is … well … horrible.  You and I know that they are referring to Apple and its closed system of the iOS on iPad, but will the couple hundred people in a bar have any idea what they are talking about?  Even if you watch the whole commercial, the only time the name XOOM shows up is in the bottom left hand corner at the end, and you aren't even sure what that word is referring to.  "More Speed" and "More Power" show up through out the ad, but "more" compared to what?

Again, I know if you're reading this post that there is about a 99.9% chance you know what this ad is about and what it is referring to, but the Superbowl is watched by millions of people who have never read a tech blog.  Even if they have, there is no guarantee that they read about the XOOM.  This commercial is about obtuse as you can get.

The sad thing is that the XOOM was one of the hottest products at CES this year, but between the rumors of an $800 price tag and this ad, I'm not entirely certain that Motorola has a clue what they are doing when it comes to selling it.  Would you really want to spend the amount of money it takes to run an ad on game day for a commercial that only a small fraction of the audience will even grasp?  What about showing us the product?  What about making the name of the tablet larger and easier to discern that's what the public is looking for?  No, apparently being completely obtuse to the majority of people is fine by Motorola.

What say you?  Is this ad good or bad?

[via Android Central]