The Motorola Xoom launched on Feb. 24th on Verizon with a promise of a free upgrade to 4G LTE to come within weeks.  Weeks turned into months, and is now closing in on half a year.

At long last Xoom owners have received an email according to Droid Life that says the upgrade is finally going to be a reality in Sept., a mere seven months after release and a month and some change after the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE version launches.

Xoom LTE upgrade email

Judging from the tone of comments we’ve seen around the Web, this is not exactly leacing a good taste in people’s mouths, and I can’t say as I blame them.  Why this has taken such an insane amount of time to get together is beyond us.  The LTE specs passed through the FCC weeks ago which lead many to think that the upgrade was coming at any moment, but why this extra delay into Sept. is unexplained.  It seems that you will still need to mail in your tablet to get the work done, which has always been said to be a week long process.  The fact that another tablet is launching with it ready to go before this upgrade process has even taken place is like adding salt to the wound.  Yes, it’s two different manufacturers involved here, but it makes you wonder what took Motorola so blasted long to get this completed.

We’ve also seen comments of people discussing the fact that they are going to go to Verizon stores and demand that they return the Xoom, or possibly exchange it for a Galaxy Tab 10.1, and there’s no telling how well that will work out.  Considering the Xoom was advertised as getting the LTE upgrade weeks after its launch and not seven months, I’m almost positive we’re going to hear rumblings of a class action lawsuit at some point.

What do you think about the fact this Xoom update has taken so long to come together?  Were you impacted?  Would your patience have held through out this ordeal?

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