Motorola wants to dive further into the world of virtual reality. It’s already thrown some support behind Google’s platform, Daydream, and Lenovo recently introduced new hardware as well. Now it’ll be the longtime Android partner providing consumers with yet another way to explore immersive experiences using just their mobile devices.

The company is reportedly planning to release a virtual reality headset for its phones, according to Evan Blass.

Based on the packaging, it would appear the company is set on the name “Virtual Viewer” and it’ll belong to the Moto Mods ecosystem. Motorola will let owners of Moto Z units pop their phone into the headset and immediately start enjoying virtual reality’s benefits.

Here’s a leak of the headset and its retail box:

While it’s likely Motorola’s headset is built for Daydream, it’s interesting that this Moto Mod includes a cutout for the camera. The company could be developing special apps for its phones beyond Google’s catalog.

Lenovo and Motorola have been among a dwindling group of companies believing the future is bright for mobile-based virtual reality.

Beyond what the headset looks like, nothing additional is known. It’s possible, though, an announcement comes later this year at Lenovo Tech World. Motorola has been using its parent company’s conference as a way to launch new products rather than standalone events. Then again, the Moto Z3 could be one of the best high-end phones of the year and thus earn its own launch event to indicate Motorola is serious about competing in the industry again.

No matter when this headset comes, it’ll be nice to see mobile-based virtual reality continuing to be acknowledged. Samsung created interest in the space when it partnered with Oculus on the Gear VR a few years ago, and since then the Facebook-owned company has also decided to go wire-free.