Earlier today Motorola updated the list of devices that can expect to see updates to Ice Cream Sandwich, what they didn’t mention, however, was when we could expect to see those updates rollout.  Now the company has gotten around to releasing an extensive list of where each device is in the process.   We hope a lot of you can hold out until the July to Sept. time frame, because that looks to the be the earliest you can expect your updates. More information below the lengthy image.

Motorola Upgrade Schedule - February 2012

For those of you in other territories, you can check out the full list of update windows and region specific devices over at Motorola’s page.

We have yet to hear any definite plans on the next version of Android – rumored to be called Jellybean – but one has to imagine that by the time a goodly number of these Ice Cream Sandwich updates roll out, we’ll be well into prepping for the next version.  As for devices like the Droid 4, which just launched, one would think they would know exactly how it would handle ICS, but apparently it still needs to be evaluated.

So, for those holding out for quick updates to Ice Cream Sandwich on their Motorola devices, we’re afraid you’be got a bit of a wait ahead of you.

[via The Verge]