Motorola’s “Friends with Moto” discounts are back! Last year, the company offered $50 off the Moto X, but now it’s dealing out great discounts on most of its mobile lineup, assuming you know someone working at Motorola.

Thankfully, Motorola employee Gopinath Palaniappan shared the news on Google+ last night, along with a link to claim the discount for yourself. Unfortunately, he has to approve every request personally, which has really slowed down the process. Additionally, this offer is only available within the U.S.

If you do manage to score a confirmation, here’s what you’re in for. Motorola is offering 20 percent off for the Moto 360, dropping the price to $199.99 for the leather band model, $239.99 for a metal band watch and $269.99 for the champagne gold model. The company is also offering a 26 percent discount on the Nexus 6, which puts the price at $427 for the 32GB version of the phone, or $529 for 64GB of storage. Meanwhile, the Moto X is 28 percent off, while the Moto G gets a 16 percent discount as well.

Hit the source link below to grab the discount now. We’re still trying to lock down this deal for ourselves, and it seems like it might be worth any wait associated with the approvals.