A large portion of LG’s G4 presentation on Tuesday was spent talking about design. Specifically, LG’s use and tanning of the device’s removable leather backs. But they’re not just any leather backs—LG said it used materials and processes usually reserved for luxury handbags, which gives you an idea of how much effort goes into a single rear panel. In fact, the entire process takes about 3 months—3 months!

You know which other company has been utilizing leather in its phones? Motorola. In response to today’s G4 announcement, the Lenovo-owned company Tweeted out a passive-aggressive insult LG’s way, saying it has been using Horween leather since last year. Boom, shots fired.

As we found out in our own testing last year, the Moto X’s leather actually gets better the more it gets beat up and wears in. Of course, that’s a subjective opinion, but the main point is this: LG isn’t the first to use leather in its phone, and probably won’t be the last. Our devices are quickly becoming fashion accessories, a reflection of our styles and personalities, so it’s no surprise to see companies take advantage of the more premium material. It can’t be any more different than aluminum, that’s for sure.

We already got our hands on the G4, so check that out to learn more about LG’s new device, which is about both beauty and brains.