Slightly ahead of schedule, Motorola appears to be rolling out a software update for the DROID ULTRA and DROID MAXX. The upgrade to software version 12.15.10 is relatively minor, but includes some solid improvements that should make a real difference in your daily use.

The new update brings improved 4G LTE performance and an enhanced UI for wireless charging that promises better stability. Motorola Assist also gets a polish, and Google Voice can now bring up information cards to answer your questions. The camera app is also better, with the Sky Detection, High Dynamic Range, ViewFinder and Automatic White Balance features all improved. You’ll also find 50GB of Google Drive storage and the latest NFL Mobile app once your install the new software.

The update to version 12.15.10 was supposed to be restricted to members who signed up as part of a soak test, but Android Central reports that the improved software is already showing up for regular users. If you’re using the MAXX or ULTRA you may already have access to the upgrade.