Motorola Mobility was the subject of several of stories and reports recently after Lenovo announced it had agreed to buy the smartphone-maker from Google for just under $3 billion. With so much commotion you might expect the company to lay low for a few weeks, but today it sent out invitations for its Mobile World Congress press event set to take place on Feb. 25 at the Barcelona trade show.

The invitation doesn't reveal much, simply confirming that some sort of mobile event is happening. Motorola is still relying on the same imagery it used as a Google-owned company: young hip 20-somethings with shades of Americana. Three faces and one Moto X peek out from behind an old quilt, suggesting that despite its pending change of ownership Motorola hasn't really changed all that much. Then again, it's possible this invitation and the event it reveals were planned long before Google started handing over the company.

We're not expecting Motorola to announce any new devices in the near future, meaning the event could be entirely focused on the Lenovo deal and what that means for its line of Moto smartphones. Then again, the American smartphone-maker reportedly has a few devices in its pipeline—namely an updated Moto X, a phablet and a smartwatch—so maybe we'll get a peek at some new products.

TechnoBuffalo is heading to Barcelona later this month to cover Mobile World Congress 2014, so stay tuned for our live coverage of Motorola's announcement and any other news coming out of the event.