motorola-droid-razr-m-featuredMotorola's DROID RAZR M was a killer proposition when it was first announced — slick screen, decent specs — but it was shackled in mediocrity because of Ice Cream Sandwich. Not the worst criticism levied against a phone, but it didn't quite live up to its potential because of it, and that's a real bummer when new devices are launching with Jelly Bean.

Motorola on Friday is righting this travesty by rolling out Android 4.1 for RAZR M users in phases. It won't be much longer before owners are enjoying the many benefits of Project Butter and Google Now.

It was always a bit strange that Motorola, which is under Google's cozy wing, couldn't launch any of its new devices with Jelly Bean out of the box. Good on the company for churning out an update so quickly after the M launched — we can only hope the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD get similar treatments before the year is up.

[via SlashGear]