Last week, Motorola stoked the nostalgia of mobile enthusiasts everywhere with a delightfully retro commercial featuring its most famous flip phone, the RAZR. Even if you never owned one you know it by name; it was the device everyone owned when it came out over a decade ago, selling million and millions of units during its short reign. Is it coming back? We don't know, but plenty of people are hopeful Motorola is going to "flip back" next month.

The original RAZR, the V3, was released all the way back in Q3 2004, and quickly went on to become the phone of choice due to its slim profile and sleek design. Everyone remembers its electroluminescent keypad and durable aluminum body. Anyone who was anyone had it; think of it as the iPhone of its time, that's how ubiquitous it became shortly after its release.

Since the device is back in the news, we dug back into our inventory and found a few RAZRs lying around, including a special edition gold version made in partnership with Dolce & Gabbana. I know, fancy. Even to this day the design holds up, and its legacy in the mobile world just can't be ignored.

Is Motorola bringing the RAZR back in all of its glory? I doubt people would give up their Galaxy S7 Edge for a flip phone but you never know. We'll see what Motorola has up its sleeve during Lenovo Tech World on June 9.