Motorola maps attack AppleIt's been a rough few days for Apple's Maps app in iOS 6. A number of users have noted melted landmarks in 3D view, missing data, and incorrect pin drips — there's even been a Tumblr dedicated to the mishaps. And in addition to Nokia's remarks, Motorola is jumping into the fray with a comparison ad with an #iLost hashtag attached. Burn.

Posted to the company's Google+ (where else?) and Twitter, Motorola says that its DROID RAZR M will get you to your desired destination — in the example, 315 E 15th in Manhattan. But if you use Apple Maps? You'll be #iLost in Brooklyn.

Apple responded to its poor performing app and said that over time Maps will improve; it's all about user sourced data, the company said. For now, Apple will have to endure the backlash from both consumers and competitors. So far, Apple's decision to drop Google Maps hasn't been seen as a smart one. It'll be interesting to see how Maps shapes up in a year from now.

[via DroidDog, Google+ (Motorola)]