Motorola confirmed that it'll put Android 9.0 Pie on select mobile devices.

The software update is already available on Pixel phones and the Essential Phone, but other companies have yet to offer it. Motorola, though, seems very committed. Although it didn't give a timeline, Motorola named which phones are getting to taste Pie in the future.

Here's the full list, courtesy of Motorola:

– Moto Z3
– Moto Z3 Play
– Moto Z2 Force
– Moto Z2 Play
– Moto X4
– Moto G6 Plus
– Moto G6 – Moto G6 Play

The entire selection is pretty weak to be honest. Unless you own a recent flagship or a Moto G6 model, you're out of luck. Pie will never land on your phone.

Motorola will leave behind several mid-range and entry-level devices from the last two years, including the Moto E5 family that was released in 2018. But this shouldn't strike you as surprising. Ever since Lenovo purchased the company, Motorola's failed to roll out software updates in a timely manner if at all.

Why does Motorola struggle here? There's no clear explanation, but it's puzzling because the company uses a near-stock take on Android.

Stay tuned for Pie on the aforementioned Motorola phones. Remember, though, that it'll be long wait before the roll-out begins.