Moto X Wood Back - VS - Green Black-Camera

Lenovo recently announced its intentions to acquire Motorola Mobility, which means the roadmap could change drastically from what the company had planned under Google. But, apparently the company already has a six-inch phablet, a new Moto X and a smartwatch designed for launch sometime next year.

The rumor comes from Seina Weibo and a user under the name Houdabao, who has published some accurate leaks in the past. We can’t say for certain how accurate this rumor is, however, and we have to take into consideration that 2015 is a full year away from now, meaning that the “designs” for any such products could simply be sketches that were the result of brainstorming meetings.

We were expecting an update to the Moto X this year (why wait until next year?) and Lenovo did say that it likes Motorola’s new products, which also includes the Moto G, so it’s possible work on the next iteration will continue. Houdabao also said that it’s likely the “customized production of X will occur on the mainland” in China, instead of in the U.S. as it is now.

Chatter around a Motorola smartwatch isn’t new – it has a patent for one with a flexible display – and when we pressed the company for some input on its plans for wearables during this year’s CES show, we got the feeling that there was at least some experimentation going on. Hopefully Motorola doesn’t remain too quiet while it undergoes the acquisition process with Lenovo – we really want the company to continue to move full steam ahead.