Motorola’s One Power will include what’s been popular across the mobile industry lately. Based on recent leaks, it’ll have a notch as well as a dual-camera setup. Those things are becoming increasingly common, but the One Power won’t present them in a particularly special way.

So the One Power is shaping up to be an iPhone X lookalike more than anything else. While looking completely uninspired, the phone will also add to Motorola’s lineup that’s too large to begin with.

The leaked live shots, which come from TechInfoBit, show the One Power from just about every angle. While the design is largely metal-based, the layout of its components mirrors Apple’s most advanced iPhone ever created. The notch is shaped similarly, and Motorola is even putting the LED flagship between two vertically-aligned lenses.

Something you’ll find here but not on the iPhone X, however, is a fingerprint scanner. The One Power does have one on the back, so the notch probably doesn’t boast any type of facial recognition.

The unit shown in these photos might be a prototype, but its appearance does align with what we’ve seen in other leaks. Motorola appears to be very serious about borrowing some key elements from the iPhone X.

When the One Power last surfaced online, it was shown running Android P. That could indicate it’ll be released near the end of the summer when Google rolls out the latest version of Android.