Motorola DreamGalleryJust because Motorola’s set-top box business may potentially be sold off doesn’t mean the telecom company can’t dream up the TV of the future. The company demonstrated a new interactive TV experience at a cable show in Boston that will reportedly launch later this year.

Billed as the “next generation” of TV, Motorola Mobility’s new DreamGallery is an “on-screen display that’s as personalized, dynamic and rich as the Internet. Beautiful graphics, visual search tools and friendly menus help you find what you want, fast.”

The company is putting a lot of emphasis on doing away with traditional search by introducing a bookmark solution, the very same experience one would find on the Web.

Do you like searching for what to watch on TV? Neither do we. Our solution? DreamGallery by Motorola Medios. For consumers that translates to: less time searching, more time watching. For service providers it means: happier consumers and shorter development cycles.

DreamGallery is also designed to make discovering new content a much more refined experience. That means recommendations are personalized, with the new visual search tools playing a big role in how a user would interact with the Motorola’s UI.

Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility was only just approved by regulators in China over the weekend, with the deal set to close by either Tuesday or Wednesday. The timing of DreamGallery’s introduction is interesting — Google TV hasn’t exactly been a resounding success. Could Motorola’s solution, part of a group Google has allegedly considered selling, be the search giant’s saving grace?

“DreamGallery isn’t just a better search and discovery experience,” said John Burke, senior vice president and general manager, Converged Experiences at Motorola Mobility. “It’s a better way to watch TV.”

Motorola certainly thinks so.

[via Motorola]