Motorola Mobility took to its Facebook page to tease that it will be announcing a new 4G LTE-capable smartphone on Friday, August 10th. The company has pledged to reveal a new clue about this mystery device every day until its big unveiling.

If you want our two cents, we’re betting on the device being the Verizon bound DROID RAZR HD, which has been spotted several times over the past few months. While there’s a “RAZR thin” chance that we could be wrong, at least we won’t have too much of a wait on our hands to find out.

[via: Motorola Mobility (Facebook)]

Update: According to PCMag’s Chloe Albanesius, Motorola doesn’t have any plans to unveil a new phone on Friday. Instead, the brand was merely attempting to engage users on its Facebook page for a bit of fun.

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