While Motorola's upcoming Moto X project will play a significant part of the company's upcoming renaissance, it also has plans to stick to its roots—an image posted by @evleaks suggests the company will release one of its patented Droid handsets for Verizon sometime this year. According to the leak, the device (not the Moto X), will be simply known as the Droid Maxx. It's much easier to say that Droid RAZR Maxx HD 2 (or some variation), and by now the name is recognizable enough to stand up on its own.

It looks like Motorola is content with largely keeping the same sharp design engineered in the RAZR Maxx HD—it sure looks like that Kevlar will be present. Other details, however, aren't so readily available. We don't know what size the device's screen will be (RAZR Maxx HD had a 4.7-inch display), or what processor it'll come equipped with, etc. It's been a long time since Verizon or Motorola has introduced anything significant regarding the Droid branding, but it looks like something is definitely being built. Now when we'll actually see the device is another story.