Moto X Custom, Volume Angle

The good news is that Motorola's affordable Moto G, which you can get off-contract for $179, is arriving earlier than expected. The bad news is that the company's slick wood-backed Moto X won't make an appearance until sometime next month. We almost forgot wood was even an option it's been so long since Motorola piped up—at least we were warned the more natural shell was going to take awhile.

According to a reporter from Reuters who spoke up on Twitter, the company said you won't be able to get a wood-backed Moto X in time for Thanksgiving, but the option should be available in time for holiday shopping. There's still no definitive timeframe—it's likely the option will one day just appear out of thin air—but at least we know it's coming.

Moto Maker was recently made available to additional carriers, giving Moto X customers the option to customize their device before buying. But if you haven't yet purchased the handset because the wood-backed option wasn't available, you can rest easy knowing it should arrive any day now.