If the name Motorola Dinara sounds familiar to you, it should. This handset released in China late last year and was recently mentioned during the detailing of a Motorola roadmap. Now the mysterious AT&T-bound handset has gotten a little less… well, mysterious. Those crafty sleuths over at The Verge have gotten their hands on what is being billed as a render for AT&T's version of the Dinara, which could possibly hit retail as the Atrix 3.

From the looks of things, the Dinara is sporting Android 4.0 with some type of pre-Google buyout Motorola-made UI layer that we dare not call MOTOBLUR. In addition to the obvious, the Dinara is rumored to have a 720p display and if you look closely at the render you'll notice a date of July 26th, which could possibly be pointing to the device's release date.

[via: The Verge]