Verizon is giving the Android platform some more love, this time, with the aluminum clad Motorola Devour.  This sturdy little slider serves up with Android 1.6 and MotoBlur, gearing it towards the texting crowd.  On it's own, the Devour is a very capable device with a great keyboard, but its lack of multitouch and older operating system (Verizon says it will be upgraded to 2.xx) make it a tough sell, especially considering the Droid is only $100 more.

You'll like this phone if:

  • You want a touchscreen phone with a physical keyboard
  • Like the durable feel
  • Like to text
  • Need a little bit more than a featurephone

You won't like this phone if:

  • You are expecting a Droid Jr.
  • A power user
  • Need multitouch
  • Need to do more than text

All that being said, who's going to chew this one up, and who's going to spit it out?