Motorola Droid Ultra-Camera

Motorola will be the next company to hop onto the phablet bandwagon. According to rumors filtering through China’s Weibo, via a source that’s been accurate in the past, the company has a 6.3-inch device in the works, know internally as Xplay, as well as a device that’ll succeed the company’s Droid Ultra (known as Quantum). Otherwise, next to nothing is known about either handset except that they’ll both launch next year. And so the hype begins.

The phablet market has been an area of intense interest for a lot of companies this year, and it’s unlikely that trend will buck in 2014. Motorola’s handsets have comfortably hovered in that 4.7- to -5-inch range, so a device with a 6.3-inch display will certainly be a big jump for the company. With a name like Xplay, it would seem to suggest the device might focus heavily on mobile gaming, though that’s merely speculation on my part.

Even less is known about Motorola’s Ultra successor, though we’d expect that to receive the usual spec bump and perhaps a small redesign. With Motorola introducing such a successful “design it yourself” model with the Moto X, one has to wonder if the company will implement that into a phablet form factor. Of course, factors such as cost and specs would determine if Motorola is willing to adopt that approach; it’s far more likely it’ll be exclusive to the Moto X line; however, it would certainly make a 6.3-inch phablet more interesting.