Motorola already confirmed it's working on a new tablet, but yesterday CEO Dennis Woodside revealed a bit more of what the expect from the rumored Android slate. Speaking to Engadget at a dedication ceremony for the company's assembly plant in Texas, Woodside confirmed that a new "set of products" will implement both design and technology featured in the Moto X.

Woodside also took the opportunity to emphasize the company's dedication to customization as a way to attract consumers and distinguish itself from the competition. For the Moto X that meant Moto Maker, a website designed to let customers create their own smartphones, choosing from a variety of different color schemes as well as a personalized engraving. It's unclear whether a Motorola tablet may also make use of Moto Maker, but we'd love to see the company move in that direction, and Woodside's comments suggest that's a likely move.

Motorola's CEO also appears to suggest that the new tablet will implement the new software features offered with the Moto X. Some, like Touchless Control and Active Display make sense for a tablet, while the smartphone's rapid fire camera-launching motion might not translate as well to a bigger device. As for Motorola Assist, the location-based feature is largely used while driving, we're not so sure many people regularly pull out their tablet while on the road.