Dennis Woodside

Last night the news that Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside was leaving his current job for a position as Chief Operating Officer at Dropbox broke, sparking some big questions concerning the future of both companies. Today, Woodside took to Motorola's official blog to confirm the news.

Woodside declined to explain why he chose to leave his current position at Motorola so soon after Google's agreement to sell the firm to Lenovo. It's particularly concerning, at least for us, because Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing told TechnoBuffalo in Jan. that Motorola's executive team was going to make the transition over to his company. Now we know why he never gave us a clear answer as to whether or not Woodside was going to stay on board.

Woodside notes that leaving Motorola was "not an easy decision," but believes he's leaving the company in good hands, pointing to both Lenovo's previous success and Motorola's current SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg, who will take over as COO starting April 1. Additionally, Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora will maintain his position as executive chairman of Motorola Mobility's board.

"I'm excited about what the next chapter in Motorola's storied history will bring under the new ownership of Lenovo," Woodside said. "While Google imbued simplicity and software sensibility into the company, Lenovo will bring it the scale it deserves. I have no doubt the two companies together will be a force for good in the mobile industry." Woodside said that Motorola's existing management team is still focused on "creating great mobile devices," so we hope to see new phones that build on the excellent experience already offered by the Moto G and Moto X, even without Woodside at the helm.

There's no specific explanation for why Woodside is leaving Motorola or what motivated him to take a job at Dropbox, though the news has sparked rumors that the cloud-storage company could be pursuing an IPO in the near future. Woodside probably has the experience to help get that off the ground. He won't leave his current position until the end of March however, leaving over a month to ensure a smooth transition as Lenovo prepares to take over the company.