Motorola still isn’t selling its smartphones in China, but the Lenovo-owned firm has already racked up over one million pre-orders for the Moto X. Here’s company president Rick Osterloh sharing the news on Twitter earlier today.

Clearly, the company’s flagship Moto X is a hit. We’re not surprised. It’s a great phone with killer software, and the ability to create your own design through Moto Maker is pretty awesome. Motorola didn’t release any figures for Moto G and Moto X Pro pre-orders, though we figure both the low-cost handset and 6-inch phablet did pretty decently as well.

Of course, Motorola still faces some pretty big competition in China. Xiaomi’s new Mi Note sold out in just three minutes of pre-orders, though it’s unclear how many units were available. Meanwhile, Apple boasted 2 million Chinese pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus back in Oct. 2014.

It could be a while before Motorola can build up the brand recognition in China needed to come close to numbers like those, but with a little help from its parent company Lenovo the Moto X has the potential to be a big hit.